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Rent a Photo Booth for Your Next Event

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Photo booth company

Since the father of photography, Louis Daguerre, first revealed his revolutionary photographic method in 1831, the simple art of taking a picture has undergone significant changes, and one of the most innovative and public friendly of those changes has been the development of the self operating photo booth. First invented in 1888, the photo booth garnered the patronage of over 1,500 people every day in its first six months of operation. While that may sound like a lot, in the modern age of digital photography and the abundance of camera phones, we take as many pictures in two minutes as humanity did for the entirety of the 1800s.

While much about the photo booth has changed, its popularity has not. They have remained staples of carnivals and fairgrounds for decades. But photo booth rental for weddings and other large gatherings have become increasingly popular among those who want to offer their guests something more to take home than just a memory and a centerpiece. Corporate event planners can also rent a photo booth for their events, for employees to be able to have a one of a kind keepsake of the evening. In fact, nowadays anyone can rent a photo booth, completely portable for their event, from many photo booth companies who manufacture standard, fixed point booths.

Photo booth rentals provide everything a planner needs to provide guests with a memento of the event, and obviously they can go back as many times as they want for more photos. Companies allow patrons to rent a photo booth by the hour, by the night, or by the week, depending on the size and length of the event. If you have an event, and you know your guests are looking for something different and special, rent a photo booth, and take all the credit while you let them take home the memories.

Overcoming Tax Problems

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Problems of income tax

On top of federal taxes, several localities, along with 43 states charge income taxes on people. If you live in the United States, you will be paying taxes. Some people cannot handle all of the taxes, giving them some IRS problems.

One of the biggest income tax problems is the tax levy. If a person has IRS problems and owes the IRS money, they could be subject to having the IRS take money directly out of their wages, bank accounts, social security payments, and other assets. The IRS can make an employer send part of the paycheck of a debtor directly to them.

Each year, the IRS sends 8 billion pages of instructions and forms out. There are a lot of IRS problems. Many people need IRS back taxes help. Fortunately, every type of government in the United States has tax exemptions. Also, tax settlement companies can work with the IRS to reach a settlement on your IRS problems.

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