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Tips for Hiring a Sales Rep

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Hiring a sales rep who won’t succeed is a waste of your time and of theirs. Sales jobs have notoriously high turnover rates, supported by statistics showing that a third of all sales people have been with their companies for less than a year. A hiring mistake can be costly, but is mainly avoidable if the hiring process is conducted carefully. If you’re in the process of hiring a sales rep, use the following tips to help you make sure you hire a sales rep who is well suited to your company and to a career in sales.

  1. Review the job opening. Before you post for a job opening, read through it to mak

Branding and Seo Success for Your WordPress Platform

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If you are an Oregon business owner considering to, or have already launched a business from a WordPress platform, good job. However, any reasonable businessperson would very quickly wonder, what is next. If you are at this stage of your business development, or are looking for the next best thing in marketing optimization strategies, then you cannot risk missing out on that cross-section of 85% of Americans saying they shop online.

Here is some information on finding a logo design team to optimize your WordPress platform, and develop you great
SEO and overall branding standards.

Why Oregon? Although the following facts will help anyone, anywhere, in order to get the most out of your custom webpage design, you will want your design team close by for consultations. Since this article has Oregon roots,