Manage All Those Cell Phones With Ease!

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Blackberry mobile device management

Many businesses have no security requirements or protocol procedures for their mobile devices. A third of employees reported that there are no security measures in place to help protect their companys data. Blackberry mobile device management provides security by enabling the protection of sensitive data stored on employee cell phones. More specifically, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BES, allows users to receive corporate and personal email simultaneously! Moreover, BlackBerry devices are recognized by many technology experts as mobile phones that provide a high level of protection and security.

BES security policy requires that mobile device users create and frequently change passwords. Furthermore, a Bes policy allows for controlled settings, for example, that prevent the downloading of games or other unnecessary applications. BYOD can be advantageous for any business because it helps generate more productivity, less paperwork, more accurate billing and record keeping. What company would not want more visibility and streamlined workflow? BlackBerry mobile device management provides all this and more! Did you know that 66 percent of employees prefer to choose their own mobile devices? Luckily, BlackBerry devices and Blackberry mobile device management sell themselves!