Manage All Those Cell Phones With Ease!

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Blackberry mobile device management

Many businesses have no security requirements or protocol procedures for their mobile devices. A third of employees reported that there are no security measures in place to help protect their companys data. Blackberry mobile device management provides security by enabling the protection of sensitive data stored on employee cell phones. More specifically, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BES, allows users to receive corporate and personal email simultaneously! Moreover, BlackBerry devices are recognized by many technology experts as mobile phones that provide a high level of protection and security.

BES security policy requires that mobile device users create and frequently change passwords. Furthermore, a Bes policy allows for controlled settings, for example, that prevent the downloading of games or other unnecessary applications. BYOD can be advantageous for any business because it helps generate more productivity, less paperwork, more accurate billing and record keeping. What company would not want more visibility and streamlined workflow? BlackBerry mobile device management provides all this and more! Did you know that 66 percent of employees prefer to choose their own mobile devices? Luckily, BlackBerry devices and Blackberry mobile device management sell themselves!

A Strong BES Policy for Workplace BYOD

Written by Seattle News Stations on . Posted in Bes security policy, Blackberry mobile device management

Bes security policy

The blackberry mobile device has long been a favorite of businesses everywhere, which is why developing a Bes security policy has become a priority for many employers. Employers love BlackBerries because they work extremely well for email. It is easy to do email on a BlackBerry because the phone is equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard is quite user friendly, allowing for easy and fast typing which makes emailing a snap.

Another reason why BlackBerry is a favorite of employers the world over is that the BES, otherwise known as the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, permits BlackBerry users to receive and send both corporate and personal email. As long as a strong BES policy is in place, this can add value to business. While approximately 63 percent of smartphone users access the internet on a daily basis via their mobile devices, 87 percent of BlackBerry users rely on their smartphones to access the web every day.

The BES facilitates a more fluid work environment where the boundaries between the office and home disappear. This proves to be an excellent enhancer of employee productivity. These days, many companies are adopting a BES policy as a strategy for blackberry mobile device management. A BES policy allows employees to benefit from the convenience of using one device for both work and personal email while also protecting proprietary information. Thus, a good BES policy keeps the interests of both workers and management in mind.

As we move further into the 21st century, more and more organizations are relying on BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device. Research In Motion, the parent company of BlackBerry, has high hopes that the spread of BYOD policies will elevate future sales of the new BlackBerry 10 which came out in January of 2013. Many employers are encouraging the use of the BlackBerry 10 as a component of a sound BYOD and Bes policy.