How Have You Used Hummus in Your Cooking? Three Facts that Might Interest You

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Hummus dip recipe

Did you know that, although hummus has been a popular food in the Middle East for hundreds of years, it was not really known on the American cuisine scene until the 1970s? Even then it was only popular in health food stores, and took several decades to reach the majority of consumers. Today, it is available in most grocery stores around the nation as a popular and tasty spread. Interested in knowing more about hummus and its uses? Here are three facts you might enjoy.

1. Why Hummus Dips are Good for You

Hummus is one of those food angels that will bless your diet with less calories and better nutrition without having to sacrifice taste, texture or quality. Not only does hummus not contain saturated fat and cholestol, but it is a great source of protein and dietary fiber. It has fairly hi