Breast Implants Are Available in Either Silicone or Saline Form

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Among plastic surgeries that United States patients receive, breast augmentation enlargement is among the most popular. In fact, within the last three years, almost one million American women have had the procedure done. More specifically, in the year 2011, roughly 96,000 women elected to get surgical breast augmentation following a mastectomy.

When considering a plastic surgery such as this, it is important to do your research on what the procedure entails and which kind of breast implants are best for you to receive. For example, the patient can choose between saline and silicone implants. The choice will depend on factors such as the elasticity of the skin and the kind of body the patient has, but generally speaking, silicone implants are widely considered to more closely resemble real breast tissue. That being said, silicone implants are only available to patients 22 years or age or older. Patients aged 18 or older may get saline implants.

When considering implants there are multiple factors to consider, such as which board certified breast augmentation surgeon to go with, the price of the procedure, and whether or not the implants are officially licensed. No matter which plastic surgeon implements the procedure, you will always want to make sure that the procedure is licensed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. For example, the Sientra produced silicone implants known as “gummy bear implants” were only approved by the FDA after a clinical trial that lasted eight years. Typically, the cost of breast implants is more than $6,500 per procedure.

In addition to this operation, your plastic surgeon may also be qualified to administer neck lift plastic surgery. Before getting any work done, however, it is wise to consult with your primary physician first, in order to go over any of the potential risks and to make sure that your previous medical history clears you to get the operation done. If you have additional questions, comments or tips on breast enhancement or neck lift plastic surgery, share them in the section below. Learn more:

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