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  • Workers Compensation for Dangerous Jobs

    The Jones Act workers compensation plan does not cover everyone. For instance, Jones act workers compensation does not cover longshoremen and dock workers. These are two jobs where people are putting themselves in danger, and the government has recognized the risk the workers are putting themselves through and created the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation […]

  • Why A Defense Base Act Lawyer Is A Friend To The Worker

    Having coverage for anything that may happen is a good idea. One of the most important jobs, protecting the US and doing so by enlisting in the marine or the army, has extensive coverage because of the dangers involved. The Longshore Compensation Act handles 27,000 cases annually when it comes to maritime workers and various […]

  • How to Find Reputable Defense Base Act Attorneys

    The majority of maritime claims involve employees working on oil platforms or boats. It is also common for maritime claims to involve employees working on cargo ships and sea fairing vessels. Employees working on docks and sea terminals also involve maritime law when it comes to legal claims and actions. DBA lawyers specialize in representing […]