Chimney Cleaning Long Island

Long island chimney sweep

One of the most common attractive additions made to a home is a chimney. However, there are many instances of chimney’s catching on fire or being a hazard because the proper maintenance and cleaning services are not being used. If you are looking for a company for chimney cleaning Long Island, your best bet is to look online to compare a few different companies. Creosote can build up inside a chimney if the proper conditions are in place. For example, creosote can build up if the proper amount of air supply isn’t being supported. Chimneys must breath to avoid build up of creosote.

Unseasoned wood is another major contributor to the buildup of creosote. Companies specializing in chimney cleaning Long Island are experienced with removing creosote with specialized equipment and tools. Long island chimney repair companies also make sure a chimney is breathing correctly to prevent future buildup of creosote. Most people don’t realize ashes from the fire place can be used to sprinkle around the garden to repel snails and slugs. Ashes are also used with compost for better plant growth as well. Companies that perform services for a chimney sweep Long Island will often collect ashes for their customers to be used for other purposes.

Chimney sweeps consist of wired brushes that are designed to remove debris from chimneys. Other types of equipment, such as vacuums and cameras, are also commonly deployed to make sure a chimney is clean. Duct cleaning long island is another service that a lot of chimney cleaning Long Island companies provide. If you are looking for a company for duct cleaning New York, be sure to acquire prices and information about the type of equipment that is used by the company. Every single year in the United States, some 23 million dollars in damages are created by chimney fires. Preventing these fires is achieved with chimney cleaning Long Island.

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