Clamping Down on Things

Large hose clamps

Large hose clamps are kind of old fashioned. Nonetheless, large hose clamps are still one of the most efficient ways to regulate to stream of water that you are sending out of a hose’s mouth. Hose clamps are not particularly expensive, but they are good for adjusting the width of a particular instrument which is meant to spread fluid.

Of course, stainless hose clamps have been used for much more than this in the past. They are similar, in many ways, to fist cuffs which are also adjustable according to the slots in them. Hose clamps are an interesting work of engineering and yet they are typically not expensive at all.

It is for this reason that people are continuing to use them, even though they have been used extensively in the past. People are familiar with most of the other ways of directing a stream of water. One of the most notable of these would be placing the thumb over the cap of the hose.

Nonetheless, large host clamps are a good investment for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because they can regulate the water coming in and out of a hose without requiring anything from the person who is using the hose. One of the reasons why they are frequently made from stainless steel, and probably should be, is because they have a tendency to rust otherwise.

The problem with rust is that it eventually breaks down the steel and will cause the clamp to fall apart. It is for this reason that people will probably continue to use stainless steel hose clamps in the future but will only use these hose clamps so long as they can do so safely. Whatever the case, using stainless steel is probably the top priority for making sure that your hose works best.


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