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Despite what the federal government and certain media outlets would like us to believe about the “recovering economy,” for many unemployed and underemployed Americans, it still seems impossible to find a stable, full-time job that pays enough to support a small family. The bulk of new jobs consist of temporary or contract jobs that pay little more than minimum wage.

Besides the health care industry, one area in which there always seems to be jobs is sales. Why is this? Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that every business needs to hire sales people to continue building their customer bases, as well as to remain connected with existing customers. However, sales is tough, because most, if not all, of a salesperson’s pay is generated via commission. Thus, many salespeople find out that they cannot earn enough money to justify continuing in sales, and decid to resign from their sales positions and try something else.

Sales can be so difficult that the average sales team turnover rate is around 40%. With a turnover rate that high, it can be costly for businesses to spend the time and money to train and hire sales reps who are just going to quit. For this reason, more companies are partnering with the leading recruitment firms to fill their sales jobs.

Since the top sales recruiting agencies specialize in finding and hiring sales people with the ambition, drive, and talent to succeed, they can save business considerable time and money that might be wasted otherwise. Furthermore, by enlisting the services of the best recruitment firms, business executives can spend less of their time doing the recruiting themselves, and more time doing what they are supposed to be doing — running companies.

There is nothing about running a business that is easy, and sales is one of the most challenging areas. Yet, salespeople perform one of the most essential roles in business, and it takes a certain kind of person to succeed. The leading sales recruitment firms can help companies find and hire the sales people with the drive and ability stick around.

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