Cream or Powder Blush Which Is Right for You?

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Many women spend years finding the right cosmetic products for their faces. Choosing the best face makeup, the best eyeliner, the best blush, and even the best concealer can be quite the process. Today, we’re focusing on blush in particular, since many women are frequently at a loss about which formulas are best suited to their skin. If you’re stumped about the choice between cream or powder blush, read on. We’ll talk about the benefits of each and provide a few tips for professional application.

Cream Blushes

Cream blushes come in two forms, stick and liquid, each of which provides excellent translucent color. As such, it’s easier to color match with cream blushes because your natural skin color will still show through. Ladies with dry skin tend to prefer cream blushes over powder blushes, especially during dry winters.

Applying cream blushes is all about starting small. Use a small amount and blend it with your fingers, knowing that you can always add more if you need more color. When choosing between pink and terracotta colors, try to match the undertone to that of your lipstick. Apply brighter shades on the apples of your cheeks and more neutral colors below your cheekbones.

Powder Blushes

If you ask women on the street whether they use cream or powder blush, most will probably say that they use powder. It’s the most common, and is perfect for women with oily skin, especially in warm or humid weather. Generally, many women feel that powder blushes are easier to apply than creams.

To apply powder blush correctly, use a thicker blush brush to apply powder to the apples of your cheeks, drawing it upward toward your hairline. The brush that comes with your blush is usually not adequate for this task, so consider investing in a professional brush if you’re planning to use powder product regularly. Blend carefully using your brush.

Choosing between cream or powder blush is all about preference and skin type. A great way to try out a few products before purchasing is to visit makeup counters for samples. You may even find that powders work best for you in warmer weather and that creams suit your skin best in the winter. It’s all about experimenting and finding the right formula for you.

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