Custom Postcard Printing

Postcard printing

Did you know that the postcard has had an interesting history in the US? During the first world war, soldiers would sent postcards to their loved ones that were made out of embroidered silk mesh. Bawdy postcards with risque images or jokes that were known as saucy seaside postcards were very popular from the 1920s to the mid century.

Today, postcards are used by businesses to promote or inform customers and potential customers about any number of things. Custom postcard printing is a useful service because it allows businesses to create information that people will see as soon as they pick up their mail. Business postcards can tell people that they are having a ten percent off sale, or even better, tell customers to use their postcards as coupons in order to increase the number of people who want to subscribe to their mail service.

Real estate postcards are also a popular use of custom postcard printing. Realtors can inform potential home sellers of their services, as well as let potential home buyers know that they are open for business and eager to work with new clients.

One advantage to direct mail postcards is that they are less expensive to send than ordinary letters. So even if your customized postcards cost more to print, you will make up the cost in shipping.

Custom postcard printing is not ideal for all businesses, but many will certainly agree that it is a useful direct marketing tool.


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