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Did you know that, within the past year, Rochester’s Oak Hill Country Club hosted the 95th Professional Golf Association (PGA) tournament, a Hollywood crew headed downtown to film scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and President Obama stopped in Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe to discuss higher education costs with local students? Rochester earned a lot of international acclaim in 2013, offering a number of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. What many Americans do not realize, however, is that Rochester hosts thrilling events year-round. What Rochester events keep locals and tourists coming back?

Rochester Festivals

Rochester welcomes a number of music and food-themed fests from spring to fall, earning it the appropriate nickname “Festival City.” One of the many Rochester music fests, Rochester’s annual Jazz Festival, is internationally famous. In fact, The New York Times dubbed it one of nation’s top four jazz fests, alongside New York City, San Francisco, and Newport music festivals. Rochester’s most recent Jazz Festival, held last June, featured musicians and artists from 17 separate countries, hosting up to 81 free shows.

Other popular Rochester fests include the East End Music Festival, Lilac Festival, Big Rib and BBQ Blues Fest, and the Park Ave Summer Art Fest. The Lilac Festival features live music, food stands, crafts, handmade wares, and lilac bouquets and bushes available for sale. The Big Rib BBQ Blues Fest, on the other hand, offers tourists and locals alike hundreds of varieties of ribs, BBQ chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork, and more.

The Rochester Public Market

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Rochester hosts its year-round Public Market. More than 250 farmers, growers, and nurseries contribute to Rochester’s Public Market, offering a wide selection of reasonably priced fruits and vegetables, pastries, spices, herbs, and ethnic specialties. The Public Market’s food, live music, crafts, and more earned the weekly Rochester event the title of America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market in 2010, by a 2,400 vote majority. Learn more about the city’s many music and food-themed festivals, or its nation famous Public Market on the Rochester Craigslist.

The Rochester Craigslist offers more details about Rochester apartments, events, and some of the city’s most reasonably priced commodities. Enjoy some of the best jazz in the nation, indulge in hundreds of varieties of ribs, or support local farmers by attending the Rochester Public Market.

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