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There is much to see when visiting Hawaii, and much you can miss if you aren’t careful. Though many visitors to Oahu, Hawaii’s most populated island, home to 75% of the state’s population, choose to simply make their own plans, others find that it is better to trust the experts.

The islands are, in reality, the exposed peaks of an undersea mountain range formed by volcanic activity and called the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain. They are jam-packed with incredible sights and experiences, from the Dole plantation, providing activities for the entire family, to wild surfing adventures and lazy beach days. Another popular site is the USS Arizona, attacked by the Empire of Japan on Sunday, December 7, 1941. Though those experiences can certainly be enjoyed by tourists and non-experts, it is also a good idea to continue going on a few Oahu tours, led by people who are really familiar with the island.

Types of Tours

There are many types of tours available to visitors of Oahu, each of which has its own merit. Oahu tours, regardless of their mediums, are fascinating not only for the beauty of their subjects, but for the rich natural and cultural history of the island. Choose one of the many Oahu tours that best suits your personality and interests and you’re sure to be glad you went.

Group Tours

There are many ways to take small group tours. These guided tours allow visitors to see the island from mini-buses, under the care of experienced tour guides. Many experienced tour guides are employed on the island by a variety of Oahu tours providers, often filling the dual roles of entertainers and history teachers.

Cycling Tours

Bike enthusiasts often enjoy these active Oahu tours which give them the chance to see the island in a more personal way. The island’s miles of gorgeous trails bring tourists closer to Hawaiian natural beauty.

Educational Discovery Tours

The incredible culture and remarkable natural development are only two of the reasons educational Oahu tours are popular. There are also many historical sites to visit, like the Uss arizona. Pearl harbor tours are popular today for those interested in visiting the place where the U.S. was first catalyzed to enter World War II.

The myriad tours available for visitors to the gorgeous island of Oahu are great opportunities for all those interested in seeing something amazing, going home a little smarter than when they left, or simply experiencing the island in a more personal way. There are plenty of tour providers who can get you set up, so make sure you call one before you hop on the plane. You’ll be glad you did. Learn more about this topic here: www.enoa.com

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