Five Ways to Wear Camo Clothing Styles in the Winter

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As temperatures drop and sunlight grows sparse, it’s clear that winter is coming. And winter typically means joy, no matter how you define it — carousing around the warm fire during the holidays, enjoying a meal with family, heading out into the woods for your next buck.

But you don’t have to be a hunter in order to enjoy the myriad styles offered by winter camouflage clothing. In fact, “camo” is in now, and it’s not just for the game-chasers in the woods or those who serve our country. You can sport camo in a variety of ways, all of which can be seen just as commonly in your local neighborhood as on the glitzy runways of the fashion world. Here are five ways to think about going camo this winter.

Wear it on your shirt.

One of the simplest ways to get in the spirit of winter camouflage clothing is to opt for a simple, traditional t-shirt adorned with one of many camo patterns. The most popular is called U.S. Woodland, and you’ve probably seen its forest greens, dark browns and black streaks everywhere camo is sold. Luckily, camo is diverse, and there’s likely a color pattern out there for your unique style.

Wrap it up in a jacket.

What’s more classic than a heavy-duty military jacket worn proudly over the shoulders or tied around the waist? Top-tier designers are selling these particular winter camouflage clothing items for upwards of $3,000, and while you don’t necessarily have to have that kind of cash to find a suitable style, it’s good to know you have options. Plus, it’s better to keep warm in the winter when you look good doing it.

Walk with it on your legs.

Camo pants have traditionally been associated with soldiers deep in the jungles or the trenches of foreign countries. Today, however, there’s been somewhat of a renaissance for camo legwear. Tight jeans and leather pants are in, and with pale camo print decorating them in full, your legs can draw just the right amount of attention while still sticking to the background of any scene.

Stomp it out on your feet.

Winter simply isn’t winter without a solid pair of boots. Military boots and other winter camouflage clothing and accessories for your feet pull overtime when it comes to braving the elements of snow, slush and mud. Never skimp out on something you’re going to be wearing on your feet for months and months.

Lounge with it by the pool.

Of course, this one might have to wait until summer. Camo is quickly becoming one of the most popular bathing suit styles because of how it’s so diverse in the kinds of patterns and colors it employs. Whether you’re trying to blend into the blue or stand out in the sun, camo bathing suits have become a staple of summer fashion.

No matter your particular tastes or style preferences, there simply has to be a winter camouflage clothing option for you. Remember, no matter what you wear, keep the camo to one article of clothing at the most. You want to stand out, not disappear entirely!

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