Furniture Is Both Functional and Expressive

Teak wood furniture

Whether we are looking for something to sit on or need a place to sleep, furniture plays an important role in our lives. Imagine a room without furniture and all of a sudden that room has no meaning, no function. However, furniture’s use goes beyond mere functionality. One of a kind furniture can be just as much a work of art. In fact, a chair belonging to French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once sold in Paris for $27.8 million. The kind of furniture we choose for our home also has the capability to make a statement about us. For example, all of the furniture in John Lennon’s apartment was stark white.

Furniture in the United States is also big business. The annual revenue of the furniture industry in the United States is estimated to be around $65 billion. Much of that revenue comes from the 16.5 million chairs that are purchased by furniture retailers in the United States every year. Wooden kitchen furniture is also a huge source of revenue, accounting for 35% of all the furniture sold in the United States.

Furniture can be made out of a variety of materials. While wood is perhaps the most traditional material used in furniture, metal and plastic are also often used. Sometimes a single piece of furniture will combine different materials. Typically, the most prized pieces of furniture will be made from single pieces of wood. Wood furniture can also be made more or less desirable based on the type of wood used. For example, a piece made from an exotic wood would be worth more than the same piece made from a common wood, like poplar.

As I mentioned before, the design of the furniture we choose for a space can make a statement about us. For example, in many offices, furniture tends to be sleek and modern, yet simple and functional. Typically, muted colors are chosen. This signals that the office is a professional place. Contrast this with many kitchens in the United States which prominently feature wood, especially on cabinets. This has the effect of making the kitchen more inviting. Interior design services can help choose the right furniture for a home or office.

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