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Many people are trying to find the best cosmetic dentist in the world for any number of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. One of the main reasons for seeking cosmetic dental procedures is because 97% of adults think that their smile is a very important social asset.

Many people have missing teeth and want a permanent solution that will look both natural and attractive. Currently, nearly 70% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one tooth. They may also be looking for a more comfortable and efficient alternative to dentures. These are great reasons to get dental implants from the best cosmetic dentist in the world. Dental implants consist of three parts, a titanium rod, a fitting for the tooth like shell, and finally, a tooth like shell.

The titanium rod is drilled into the jawbone by the best cosmetic dentist in the world to create the post for the artifical teeth. Then the jawbone is allowed to heal around the rod. After the healing process which usually takes between six and 12 weeks, the artificial teeth are secured onto the posts by the best cosmetic dentist in the world. These implants have a high rate of success, and can last a lifetime for a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Another procedure offered by the best cosmetic dentist in the world that many people may be interested in are dental veneers. Approximately 600,000 people had veneers in 2006. This process performed by the best cosmetic dentist in the world entails removing a thin layer of the tooth. This layer is then replaced by a shell made of dental material to give the tooth a new look. Cosmetic dentistry veneers are often placed on the teeth to correct discolored or misshapen teeth.

When you are ready to fix your smile, you should make an appointment with the best cosmetic dentist in the world who specializes in cosmetic dental surgery for a consultation. This professional will exam your teeth and then can suggest the best course of treatment to perfect your smile. He or she can also go over procelain veneers cost or pricing for other procedures you may be interested in. You will then be on the path to a brighter, whiter smile.
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