How to Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems Functioning at Optimal Levels

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It’s tough to imagine surviving the heat of summer without cooling services such as central air conditioning systems. Central air conditioning circulates cool air throughout a home or building, providing a comfortable indoor environment, especially for locations that experience scorching hot summer climates such the southern states of the US. In fact, over 85% of American homes in the south have central air conditioning systems. Additionally, a study in 2011 estimated there to be 75,748,000 central air conditioning units throughout U.S. households.

Besides managing a comfortable climate for your home or business, air conditioning units prevent stale and allergen filled air from being circulated indoors, and the same is true with heating systems. In order for a heating and cooling system to prevent allergens and stale air from circulating indoors, an air filter must be used and replaced or cleaned regularly. This important task makes annual maintenance agreements with heating and cooling contractors extremely valuable, since it is recommended that air filters be changed at least once a year.

Most heating and cooling contractors offer annual maintenance agreements to keep your heating and cooling systems functioning properly. These agreements are very affordable, and especially valuable for home owners, because as air filters tend to collect a lot of dust and debris, requiring cleaning or replacement often. In addition, home owners and businesses can save a lot of money each year by having their heating and cooling systems maintained and cleaned annually by a professional. Doing so allows these systems to function under optimal levels, and when they are functioning at these levels the systems use less energy, saving a significant amount on utility bills. More:

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