Learn How Rochester Gets Its News

Rochester local news

Just like many cities, Rochester New York is served by a number of print and television stations, each of whom report on local, national, and international news.

The Democrat and Chronicle is the main Rochester New York newspaper. It was originally founded in 1833 as The Balance. It eventually changed its name to The Democrat and Chronicle in 1870. Today, the newspaper has a circulation of 154,599 for its morning edition and 196,146 for its Sunday edition. In terms of circulation per capita, the Democrat and Chronicle is one of the highest ranked newspaper in the United States. City Newspaper is an alternative to the Democrat and Chronicle. Unlike the traditional daily Democrat and Chronicle, City newspaper is a more alternative paper and is only published weekly. Another notable feature of City Newspaper is that it is free, earning its money through advertisements. City Newspaper, as its name suggests tends to be more locally orientated. There used to be other Rochester newspapers, such as the afternoon Times Union, and the short lived Rochester Insider. However, as with many newspapers around the country, they were forced to shut down due to declining readership figures.

The city is also served by a number of local television stations, some of whom have local newscasts. Examples of Rochester local newscasts include WROC, who ran the area’s first news show in 1957, WHAM TV, WHEC and WXXI. Rochester also has its own 24 hour local news station called YNN Rochester, formally R News. In addition to these, Rochesterians can also enjoy channels like CNN and Fox News, which have a national and international focus, as opposed to local stories.

Many of these outlets, be them television or print, have their own websites focusing on Rochester New York news. These websites allow Rochesterians to stay update on local events, on demand, 24 hours a day. You can find these sites through your favorite search engine.

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