Maintaining Quality With Precision Torque Settings

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It is not stretch to say that any mechanical installations success is predicated on using the proper equipment and tools. Electric torque screwdrivers are used for precise and repeatable bolt connections in numerous industries. Every time you need a specific tension, you can use adjustable torque screwdrivers to dial in to engineering specifications.

As part of your quality assurance program, you can fine tune your electric screwdriver torque settings to provide maximum insurance against loosening or stripping connections. While your parts may have been built to withstand significant pressures, too much or too little pressure at connection joints can lead to future repairs. In some manufacturing situations, this can create downtime or a greater need for repairs later, thus costing significantly more during fabrication.

Finding a proper precision torque screwdriver, means that the internal clutch will accurately disengage at the proper torque setting. Typically these electric or hydraulic torque tools use a clutch consisting of steel balls that are set to roll between indented plates. Maintaining an accurate torque setting and calibration is dependent on the precision settings of the tool. Some electric torque screwdrivers may have an arbitrary scale as opposed to an exact measurement of torque. Regardless, it is crucial to keep the settings consistent through the various applications.

Depending on the model of electric torque screwdriver, they may have different variations of clutches built in. While mostly found on manual drivers, the cam over clutch simply signals that the appropriate torque setting has been reached. The cushion clutch will alert you and continue to run when the torque setting has been reached. If it is in an electric or hydraulic tool, it will run until the operator intervenes. Auto shut off electric torque screwdrivers cut off once they have reached the precise torque setting. As such, they can be used in settings where it is critical to maintain precise measurements.

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