Make Safety a Priority During Your Bus Search and Selection

Church buses

Finally, your church group is going to buy a bus for those out-of-state conferences and performances. Obviously, safety is a top concern. The church members are trusting you to get them all to the destination, and back home again, safely. If your church group has done any research thus far, then you are aware that your bus will likely be safer than other transportation options, but safety is not a guarantee. When searching for and buying used buses, here are three safety measures to take into consideration.

Skip the 15 passenger van.

With a cheaper price point, the 15 passenger van can be an attractive alternative to a used bus. However, they are not nearly as roomy, nor are they nearly as safe. Large vans have a higher chance of rolling in an accident, and therefore there are higher fatality rates in van accidents. Fortunately, there are plenty of smaller sized buses for sale. Note that if you choose a bus that carries 16 people or more, the driver will need a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) in order to legally operate the vehicle.

Know where to get bus parts.

A determining factor in the safety of a bus is how well it is maintained. Before you purchase a bus and become complacent, find out the location of the nearest bus parts warehouse. Almost all new buses come with warranties, but unless you are looking at new buses for sale, you will want to be prepared for handling most of the maintenance and repair costs. A bus parts warehouse can save you a lot of money if you are proactive in finding the parts that you need.

Carefully inspect the potential church buses for sale.

Did you know that seat-belts are not required for larger vehicles? As the purchaser, you can make them a requirement by simply choosing only to look at buses for sale that have seat-belts, and requiring your passengers to use them. If you find a perfect bus without seat-belts, just be sure to have them added on before you operate the vehicle. When searching for a bus, look for rust or any other kind of damage, and ask to see the past maintenance history. You can feel more confident in your bus selection if you choose a vehicle that has been well maintained.

Whether your group needs a bus that holds 40, or just 15, you can use these tips to select a safe one. Remember to stay away from 15 passenger vans, become familiar with the resources you will need for future repairs, and inspect the vehicle carefully. Your group may be long overdue for efficient and reliable transportation, but they can wait a little bit longer if it means that you choose the safest bus available. Links like this.

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