Marketing With Postcards

Custom postcard printing

The first postcards were sent in 1871 from Vienna, Switzerland. One of the earliest examples of picture postcards dates back to 1940, drawn by Theodore Hook these postcards featured caricatures of postal workers. Postcards are sent as reminders of trips, ways to catch up, ways to share secrets with the world, and as general stationary. Many people are turning to custom postcard printing for invitations, holiday cards, and announcements.

Not only are postcards used by people to send sentiments, custom postcard printing is also commonly used by businesses for marketing purposes. Business postcards are used by many companies in nearly all markets to advertise directly to consumers. Just America alone, 90 million pieces of direct mail postcards and other forms of mail marketing materials are sent every year. While some people think of direct mailers and customized postcards as junk mail, direct mail receives almost thirty fold more responses than email marketing. Even the internet generation in the 18 to 34 demographic prefer postal marketing mail rather than marketing online.

Custom postcard printing is used for real estate postcards for realtors to advertise homes for sale, and their services as a realtor. Custom postcard printing allows business to advertise their business in general or more specific specials or annual sales. Including coupons and deals in direct mailers can increase the likelihood that consumers will visit your location.

When ordering from custom postcard printing services you can use your current design assets or work with the printers to develop something new. Design services can help businesses who do not have a design department create graphics for a direct mailing campaign. Depending on the printer services you work with, they can also offer mailing services. If they do, you can provide them with a list of your customers and they will not only print the face of your post cards they will also print addresses and stamp the postcards to ship off to your mailing list. Read more blogs like this:

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