Need to Invest in Powder Processing? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

Custom blending and packaging

Whether you are in the market for dry blending services, you need to find a new powder processing company to replace one that has gone out of business, or you need to find the best chemical blending companies in your area, here are a few very important facts that you need to know.

Specific specialty chemical manufacturing methods may have to be developed for applications where specific morphological properties are desired. This depends entirely about the job that you need done, and exactly what you need the product to be capable of doing at the end of the process. If you are worried about whether the dry blending company is capable of producing a final product that is up to your standards, then it is important to speak with them before you make a final decision.

The process of filling up all the little openings in a screen that is involved in the manufacturing process is called blinding. This particular process causes a drastic reduction in the operational efficiency of a sifter. Since blinding makes it less easy for whatever powder that needs to be processed to get through the screen, the entire production will go significantly slower than if the proper sized screens are used.

Cohesive materials can be very difficult to screen on a traditional flat screen. One of the main reasons for this is that they just stick to each other too much to percolate through the hole effectively. This can create a rather large and lengthy delay in the manufacturing process because of the fact that they tend to block the openings instead of passing through. There are a few solutions to this problem that the best manufacturers will be able to implement to make sure that your order is completed on time.

When sifting fine powders using a standard 500 mesh screen, a 5 kg sample may produce almost no yield, even with extended periods of sifting. The main reason for this is as the result of the blinding mentioned earlier. This might be unavoidable however depending on the job at hand.

To provide processing cost quotations on your materials, tests are required and may end up costing you a little bit extra as far as total manufacturing costs go.


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