OBX Vacation Rentals

Corolla nc rentals

Looking for a great vacation spot? You might consider OBX vacation rentals, or Outer banks rentals. OBX vacation rentals can be a great option, featuring great beaches and numerous things to do. Interestingly, there over 600 shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina include pirate ships, Civil War era ships, WWII vessels including submarines, and modern sea craft. The region is also incredibly beautiful. Wild ponies, the descendants of Spanish Mustangs which survived shipwrecks dating as far back as the 16th Century , still roam the Outer Banks.

There are numerous great towns in and around the Outer Banks. For example, if you are interested in Obx rentals you might consider Corolla NC rentals, Hatteras Island rentals, Nags Head vacation rentals, and Kitty Hawk rentals. Kitty Hawk rentals can be a specifically great option if you are interested in OBX rentals. The first successful airplane flights were conducted in Kitty Hawk, NC, by the Wright Brothers, in 1903. Wilbur and Orville Wright chose Kitty Hawk as the spot to experiment with aircraft, beginning in 1900, because it was so sparsely populated, and boasted sand dunes from which they could practice gliding and controlling aircraft. Overall, Obx vacation rentals can be a great option.

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