Owing Back Taxes Is Not Something You Should Ever Take Lightly

Owe irs taxes

If you find yourself owing back taxes to the IRS, you must take the matter seriously before you give them the power to pull out their greatest weapon, the tax levy. A tax levy is something that gives the IRS power to seize property and assets of anyone owing back taxes without taking them to court, however, the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment forbids them from doing so without due process and this means giving you fair warning first as well as time to respond. When you know for sure that you owe IRS money or even if you think you were wronged, that response should come from the presence of a lawyer.

When putting levies in place on those who find themselves owing back taxes, one of the things that the IRS can do is demand that an employer take some of the wages that the person earns and send them straight to the Internal Revenue Service which is called a wage garnishment. With people having the chance to E file their taxes in all fifty states since 1990, it is no wonder why so many people find themselves owing back taxes and facing issues like garnishments. It also does not help people who find that they are constantly owing back taxes to find a better method of dealing with them when even the simplest form the IRS sends out contains a whopping thirty three pages of instructional material.

You will find that when you owe IRS back taxes, letting a lawyer make sense of the situation will be to your advantage. This is because when you owe IRS back taxes, a lawyer will have greater powers of negotiation than you will. In fact, even if you owe back taxes to IRS in very large sums, they will still be able to help you sort things out in a way that is to your advantage.

After you have established that you owe back taxes, your lawyer will move to try and get the IRS to give you a better deal. One of the best pieces of firepower your lawyer has is the fact that you may never pay a large debt off. Often, the IRS will settle for less rather than get nothing.

In the end, you will be left without tax issues. Then, you simply need to abide by any agreements you make and get things paid down. Before you know it, your tax issues will be a distant memory.
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