Participating in GSA Auctions


GSA Auctions, or General Services Auctions allows the public to bid on a various selection of items. The auctions are held electronically, and include categories like house held items, cars, computer equipment, furniture , vehicles, real estate, office equipment along with many more items.

Smartauction is an industry leading auction held over the internet that is able to offer access to a virtual inventory of vehicles. In 2000, smartauction sold over 4 million vehicles. GSA auctions and smartauction partner together for these online biddings. Car auction software such as smartauction and openlane gives you the bidder, the ability to receive access to auction inventory and data on sales nationwide.

Bidders must register online in order to be qualified to bid on items online. Registering is easy and quick. Gsa auctions have items that were once owned by the federal government and no longer being used. GSA auctions has the online capabilities of competitive bidding, instant feedback, online photos and online payment.

New features that have been added to gsa auctions is now bidders are able to Google Map an items location and a carbon footprint savings tool which can calculate the carbon savings regarding reusing property. The auction strives to improve the system in any way it can to better convenience those that are bidding on items.

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