Seattle News Stations Are Well Staffed With Professional Reporters

For breaking news Seattle residents need coverage from a committed team that can provide reports at a moments notice, any time of the day. From hard news stories to weather and sports, it is vital that the citizens implicitly trust the broadcast team tasked with delivering the Seattle local news.

Fortunately, area residents have three competent Seattle news stations to choose from, each with full news teams equipped to cover stories throughout region wherever they might break. For example, in addition to its professionals dedicated to covering Seattle weather KOMO News 4, an ABC affiliate, has a total of 16 reporters on staff, including three of whom focus on investigative stories such problems associated with the construction of the 520 Floating Bridge and lawsuits involving the faulty engineering of bicycles by Seattle company REI.

Meanwhile the news station KING 5 employ 21 staff reporters, as well as a team of 10 professionals devoted to entertainment coverage. With SeattleInsider, KIRO 7 shares the latest in local cultural events through slideshows, videos, and more.

No matter what your particular interest when it comes to news Seattle area stations provide a plethora of coverage, in part due to their large teams of professional reporters whose sole job is to share the information that truly matters to citizens.

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