Seattle’s Favorite News Sources Give Washington Residents a Ton of Options!

Those of us who live here in the great city of Seattle, WA are used to having a lot of options, be it for shopping, arts and culture, music entertainment, cycling, outdoor activities, you name it! And it’s no exception when it comes to finding our first choice of Seattle breaking news sources. Seattle local news affiliates of every top media corporation, plus some independent local sources, are all working around the clock to keep residents up to date on the plethora of breaking news Seattle generates on a daily basis.

Just to clarify some of our options, let me ask this: what are some of the top sources for breaking news Seattle residents can choose? Seattle news stations include Q13 Fox News on television, Komo News Radio, Komo 4 TV and, King5 on TV and online and CBS Seattle on CW11 KSTW and on the airwaves at The Fan 1090 AM. There’s also Northwest News, NWCN. And let’s not forget KUOW, from the University of Washington, on the web at and on the radio at 94.9 FM, Seattle News and Information, featuring broadcast content from local sources, and from National Public Radio NPR.

The above are just a sampling of the trusted sources that provide breaking news Seattle residents count on every day. Some Seattle natives like me like to aggregate their news headlines from more than one source, but others will eventually pick their favorite and settle into the habit of relying on just one. I must say I’m especially a fan of the Seattle weather KOMO covers, but you can of course just as easily get quality weather updates from any number of the other news outlets I listed, or even one that I overlooked.

Choosing your preferred medium is also completely natural, although most people in the area (as anywhere in America) will find that they get their breaking news Seattle from a combination of online, radio and television sources.

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