Staying Informed with KOMO News

Living in Seattle can be fun and exciting, there is a lot going on, such as great local sports teams like the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks. There are also lots of restaurants and if you like the great outdoors there is a lot of fishing, boating, and hiking.

Where can you get information on these items and everything else Seattle has to offer? Well, you can get the info from Seattle local news stations as they are full of stories and special segments giving you not only the local news but tips and ideas of what to do in Seattle.

There are many Seattle news stations to choose from, but KOMO is the place to go. They cover the local news and they do a good job. They even offer a special Seattle breaking news special report, which gives you immediate information when something big or an emergency happens. People appreciate it because we like to know what is going on at all times.

KOMO even offers coverage on local sports. There are special reports and shows that revolve around the Seattle Seahawks. They are even a major supporter of the Supersonics.

If you are the outdoors type then you need a good weather report, like Seattle weather KOMO, as the weather is known to change quickly. Most people would suggest Seattle weather KOMO news 4. Seattle weather KOMO is a good choice as they offer weather and traffic updates every ten minutes. These frequent Seattle weather KOMO updates make it very easy to keep up to date on the weather and the traffic.

All in all Seattle has very good local news, weather and traffic coverage from KOMO. Whether it is morning, noon or night, it helps to keep everyone informed and alert as to what is going on both locally and in the world. But as everyone knows in Seattle, a lot of the people living there are hoping that one day they will hear breaking news Seattle, like the Seahawks have won the Superbowl or the Mariners have won the World Series. And KOMO will be there!

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