Three Great Resources in Your Local Seattle News

Seattle local news

It is a common misconception that all it ever does is rain in Seattle. In truth, Seattle is about more than just rain, especially to the residents and people travelling in for business! If you are visiting Seattle and you want to get more than just the weather, you could listen to KOMO news which is one of the Seattle news stations. Here are three great benefits to tuning in.

  1. Seattle breaking news.
  2. When you are in a strange city, it is more important than ever to understand what is going on around you so that you find where you need to go safely. If you check the online web page you can get all of the breaking news Seattle has front and center. Big events, crimes, out of the ordinary weather, and more. For instance, did you know that there have been a number of waterspouts in Seattle recently?

  3. Business directory and business news.
  4. Seattle has an exciting economy and business sector. Older industrial groups combined with internet and technology, design, clean technology, and service companies make Seattle a great place to do business. In 2010, the gross metropolitan product for Seattle was $231 billion! More than just all the news Seattle residents want to know, you can find an extensive business directory on their website.

  5. Traffic.
  6. For any travelling businessman, keeping track of the traffic and flights is an absolutely essential part of any business trip. Check the Seattle local news online for traffic cameras, flight statuses, and more to keep you on time.

When you want Seattle local news, choose a station that will keep you on top of the breaking news, help you get where you need to go, and get the most out of your business trip. When in Seattle, KOMO is a great local news station that can do all that and more.

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