Three Internet Marketing Strategies Needed to Attract New Dental Patients

Did you know that there are approximately 645 million local page views every week online? In order to receive a significant amount of this local traffic, several internet marketing strategies must be utilized. By implementing them, your dentist website will not only receive more local traffic, but it will also convert this traffic into new-patient visits, as well.

1. Web design. Your dental website design must immediately grab the attention of any user who visits the site. It should be clear, concise, creative, and friendly in order to make users feel welcomed. Since approximately 15% of Americans suffer from some level of dental fear, users must be attracted to your website in order to become comfortable enough to visit your office.

2. Content SEO. Content creation is quickly becoming the most popular form of SEO, as 75% of marketers use it in their campaigns. Content SEO involves the creation of keyword-rich articles and blogs that help lead user traffic to your website. The keywords can be manipulated to attract certain traffic, such as local traffic. As a result, you will be able to draw more local patients to your dental practice website.

3. Social media advertising. Since 65% of adult users are on at least one social media site, your dentist office website must be advertised on social media. Not only will users be able to find your website more easily, but they will also be able to talk about it via social media, as well. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing, and it could help attract more clientele than you originally thought possible.

In order to draw more local traffic to your dentist website, several internet marketing strategies must be utilized. Web design, content SEO, and social media advertising will all help attract more local users to your site. As a result, this increased traffic can be converted into more new-patient visits to your dental office. See this reference for more.

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