Want To Save Money for the Business? Implement BYOD Now

Bring your own device

What system do you have in place to ensure mobile device management for your employee work phones? Do you even have a set of official work phones for your employees? Or do you just require them to use their own devices in order to do office work? If that is the case, you need to be careful what you ask them to do with their devices, and just what kind of information they keep on their phones.

  • Mobile Device Management
  • If you have it in the budget, you should really consider buying office phones for everyone. This strategy allows for the easiest mobile device management. As the phones are company property, you can determine precisely what they are used for, you own all of the content and data that is on there, and you can manage security on the devices more readily.

    One of the nice things about buying phones for the entire office is that you get to determine the type and brand. This makes protection and security even easier because you can get the exact same phone for everyone. That way you can put the same software on each one, and can control their security remotely without having to worry about multiple makes and models, and whether they will work with the software when you need it to.

  • iPhones
  • One of the easiest phones for multi-device management, one with software designed specifically for it, is the iPhone. Mass iPhone management is simple and intuitive with the software that Apple has. And iPhone security is some of the best around, even without worrying about adding extra security onto the phones. Apple is very good at making all of its devices, no matter what they are, work together smoothly and seamlessly. And that is exactly one of the qualities that you want when it comes to all of your employees having the same phone.

  • BYOD
  • You also have the option of implementing a Bring Your Own Device policy among your employees. This means that you allow them to use their own phones and devices to do work that is business related. This can be slightly harder to handle security-wise, but they do make software that can be put onto virtually any phone so you can be assured of security. It is also significantly cheaper than having to buy new phones for everyone. And studies find that employees who get to use their own devices have higher productivity and morale.

Both buying your staff new phones and a BYOD policy have their benefits. It depends upon your office situation, but one of them could fit perfectly for you. Do the research for what you have available, talk to your tech department, your HR department, your boss. Discuss what would be the best for your employees and the business, and then set up a program for office devices. More like this blog: www.maas360.com

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