What Are Wikis?

My wiki page

Wikis are web tools which allow creators to add, delete and modify pre existing content. In a way, wikis are almost like online encyclopedias, as they can cover a variety of different topics, and by and large, they are all fairly accurate. Arguably the most famous wiki in existence, wikipedia, has millions of pages in dozens of different languages, but there are hundreds of other wikis across the internet.

Creating wikis is a fairly simple process as well. There are free wiki hosts all over the internet, and wiki creating software programs like my sql wiki. There are wikis on all sorts of things, like television shows and movies, but if you wanted to, you could create a wiki on any topic.

So, if you want to say, “I have my own wiki page, and you should totally look at my wiki page,” you can use software to create your wiki. However, it should be noted that wikis allow anyone to edit the content on wikis, so in the case of many wiki pages, due diligence in research is suggested. Don’t believe everything you read.


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