What Kind of Torque Wrench is Right for You?

Screwdriver torque wrench

An adjustable torque screwdriver set is one of the most important tools you can keep in the home. This is especially true if you are a hobbyist or professional who regularly works in a mechanical field where precision is essential such as automotive repair, carpentry, plumbing or other valuable skilled trade. Additionally, one should also consider adding a torquing wrench to their toolbox, which differs slightly in both use and function than a torque screwdriver, largely due to the fact that often times a wrench due to it’s bent head can often get where a screwdriver cannot.

Torque wrenches and screwdrivers work in the same fashion that both are able to have a specific torque set and applied to an object. Torque being the action of a twisting motion or, more specifically, the force used to rotate a given object around an axis. Too little force applied and a part may come loose, like the wheel of a car flying away from the body at speed, which could cause terrible damage. If too much torque is applied, the part may become damaged due to pressure and wear resulting in a weakening of the overall structure. This is why measuring torque is so crucial, so one knows that just a right amount of force is being applied to a given object.

To get even more precision, one could employ either a digital torque screwdriver or wrench. These tools use an electronic gauge attached to the tool that measures the exact amount of force applied, which can typically be measured down to a tenth of a percent, if not more. Both the measurements and readings can often easily be transferred to a computer, saved and printed out for future reference.

While a hand wrench may be easier to get into hard to reach spots like crevices and corners which is especially useful if one is working underneath a vehicle, an adjustable torque screwdriver set should work well for most applications. Many different styles and sets can be found online and in big box stores. Make sure especially if you are using a click type torque wrench that it is re calibrated often, as heavy use will lead to loss of calibration over time. Find out more at this site.

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