Are You Looking for the Best Oil Change Places in Your Area?

Best oil change

You cannot eat cheeseburgers for every meal, despite how badly you might actually want to. Your body needs fuel, so give it the best fuel you can through a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and other essentials. In much the same way, your car needs the best motor oils that meet the top motor oil standards in order to have a long, healthy life on the road.

But how can you know what the engine oil standards are? Take your car in to the best oil change places around you. Here are five quick facts to get you started on the right road:

1. What is motor oil?

If you want to treat your car right, you will have to become a knowledgeable pro. The best oil change places can tell you everything you need to know about motor oil. For starters, where does it come from? Motor oil is used to lubricate your engine, which is necessary to keep your car in motion. It is either made from petroleum-based or non-petroleum synthesized chemical compounds.

2. Recycling and reusing

How can you get the best motor oil for your car? Know what you are looking for. Find the best oil change places in your area and be fervent in your choice of only them. When it comes to getting an oil change, know also that motor oil can be recycled because it never wears out. It only gets dirty. Once it has been refurbished, it is good to use all over again.

3. Oil and water

As the old adage goes, oil and water do not mix. This is absolutely true when dealing with disposing of used motor oil, as well. The best oil change places know this, too, and will take care to not corrupt the environment with a used batch. The motor oil from a single oil change is enough to ruin a million gallons of freshwater. Think about that the next you go to get an oil change.

4. The environment and your car

The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, reports that 200 million gallons of used motor oil are improperly disposed of every year. You do not want your motor oil to go this route. Find the best oil change places that meet American Petroleum Institute standards and ensure that yours ends up safely recycled, not carelessly tossed away.

5. The art of refining

About 50 percent of the motor oil in Europe is re-refined after an oil change. Compare this with the paltry 10-15 percent of re-refined American motor oil and you can see the need for an upgrade. Ensure that your car is handled by the best oil change places in order to ensure your oil can be re-refined.

The best oil change places ensure your car is not on a diet of junk food. Plus, they take care to not pollute the environment. So, look for the best and give your car a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. To learn more, read this.

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