Car Crash Tests Need an Update – Daves Auto Glass Repair

? The safety features have not been improved since a long time. It would seem that vehicles are safer now with the increasing number of safety options as well as the improvement of safety ratings. However, 38,000 people died because of accidents involving motor vehicles during the year 2020. This is an alarming amount. It is an indication that it may be an appropriate time to reconsider the way we think about safety on the road.

Every car is different, and any mechanic who works on cars will be able to confirm that. Safety features cannot be generic cookie-cutter features to just add to the car’s description. They have to provide genuine benefits in terms of safety for people who are riding in the vehicle. Crash tests can be used for this purpose. These crash tests aren’t accurate.

The most important reason for crash tests not being accurate is that they were not specifically designed for women. They were created at the time by boards that were likely to be male-dominated. Yet women are significantly more vulnerable to the risk of being involved in car crashes. Actually, women are 73% more likely males to be injured and 17 percent more likely they’ll die. These numbers can not be taken lightly. To ensure more accurate rating of safety, cars crash tests must employ female dummies.


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