Common Fencing Mistakes – Family Magazine

Beware of becoming a fence-builder.

One of the biggest mistakes is not locate the underground utilities. Underground utilities go beneath the property to supply water, gas, and electricity. If you cut one of them in construction of the fence, you are facing a costly trouble. Sometimes, as with electrical wires, the issue can be dangerous, too.

The next mistake is not putting the fence post deep enough. In order to avoid any misalignment caused by heaving, be sure the fence posts are not placed below the frost line when you live in winter harsh environments. Set the posts to be at least 2 feet beneath the surface no matter the location you reside in.

Another mistake is to install already-constructed fence panels. Pre-built panels can be easy to put up, however they can cause gaps in your fence near the soil. Pre-built fences won’t adapt to the uneven surface or the small slopes of the yard, and therefore won’t secure everything. In order to do it right it is necessary to hire a fence professional who has experience.

For further information about fencing, take a look at the video at the link below.


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