Do You Treat Your Employees to Fun Indoor Family Activities?

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We have all been there before, stuck in the office doing exercises to help improve interdepartmental teamwork. Maybe they partnered you with Larry from accounting, who has awful hand-eye coordination. Maybe you are hungry, but lunchtime is still two hours away.

While it simply and literally cannot always be fun and games, treating business team building events like fun indoor family activities can greatly improve your outlook as well as your openness to succeed. Remember family board game night? Corporate events can recapture that fun, competitive spirit. It all depends on your openness to make it memorable. Here are five reasons using indoor family activities can build a better office.

1. One of the reasons companies hold these corporate team building retreats is so that all employees can become aware of the strengths and talents of their fellow workers. No matter how hard you try to go it alone, you need a support system like everyone else. Spicing up any corporate party with some indoor family activities will help you understand exactly what you can expect from your peers in the future.

2. When it comes to team building, indoor family activities can help the team learn to rely on each other. It takes some kind of game or challenge for the separate units to coalesce into a complete puzzle, but in doing this, the team learns exactly the kind of dynamics it has. Plus, these situations often turn unintentionally humorous, providing some great and unexpected corporate entertainment for the team.

3. Ideas for corporate events should include some indoor family activities as well as fun outdoor challenges, too. A ropes course could provide a much-needed release of pent-up energy from sitting in an office all day. Outdoor activities make the challenges exciting, as a change of scenery livens up the team to try new things.

4. If there is a problem within the team, it can often be traced back to bad communication. For a team to be as successful as it needs to be, effective communication is paramount, especially the ability to give and receive feedback. Indoor family activities like board games, especially word games, can help get tongues loose and flowing with important information.

5. Finally, reward your team for a job well done. Head to a casino to let loose! While those might not the most appropriate settings for real indoor family activities, office crowds are different. After all that team-building, they could use some real “me” time.

If you are a real family looking for good indoor family activities, try a board game, a card game or charades. If you want corporate indoor or outdoor team building, however, try to raise the stakes. Get your team moving and see a smoother office.

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  1. I work in an office and we actually all went to a casino for a work party. Greatest night of my life plus I got to know some of my more quiet coworkers.

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