Falling Behind on Mortgage Payments? Seek Assistance Immediately

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In light of the recent years of tumult in the housing market, there have been many homeowners who bought into mortgages with unrealistic terms and raised interest rates that made it difficult for sustained payments to be made. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation. Are you in danger of falling behind on your mortgage payments? Have you already defaulted on these payments and are worried about having to save your home from foreclosure?

If either of these situations apply to you, there is no reason to despair or become fearful. Instead, the best possible thing you could do is to be proactive in seeking out the mortgage foreclosure help you need. In actuality, acknowledging that you are having trouble meeting the stipulations of the original agreement and addressing the issue with your lender may not be as terrible an experience as you had initially thought. The lender may be able to provide you with options, or at the very least direct you to programs that could be beneficial in helping to lower your monthly payments or perhaps reduce the total balance owed.

For example, the government offers multiple options in the area of home foreclosure assistance, depending on your particular circumstance. These options are under the auspices of the Making Home Affordable Program. One of these sub-programs, the Home Affordable Modification Program, helps homeowners to lower their monthly payments. If you happen to be out of work for the time being, the Home Affordable Unemployment Program can either lower scheduled payments or halt them for at least a year’s time, until you are able to resume making payments. As the name suggests, the Principal Reduction Alternative lowers the total amount owed if the home is now worth less than the outstanding balance of the mortgage.

The programs mentioned above are just some of the options that are detailed at www.hud.gov, the official website of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. If you have additional questions about how to save your home from foreclosure, or you have recommendations on how to find a local mortgage help center, you may share your thoughts in the forum below. Read this for more: www.nthcinc.org

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