Fiber Optic Internet and Gaming – Global World of Business

DSL or cable are alternatives in the world of fiber optic Internet. DSL is a type of service which is a part of your phone line. It is extremely stable, even though it is considered old-fashioned. Cable internet generally is faster than DSL because it’s reliable from larger distances, but as it’s a shared connection that can slow when there’s a lot of people on the internet at the same time.

Unlike DSL and cable, which utilize copper wires, fiber optic internet makes use of a form of wire made of glass or plastic. It allows for extremely high speed connections. The fiber optic internet is equipped with asymmetrical connections, meaning that it allows for downloading and upload files with the same speed. This is extremely attractive for gamers, who will need to exchange and transfer large quantities of data in a short time.

An internet connection with a high speed is not enough to enable the gaming. More important than speed are low levels of latency, lost packets and jitter. All three of the above internet services can be equipped with the features mentioned above. While fiber optic internet is fast, it can be costly, which is why it’s essential to weigh all of your possible options before committing to a internet service.


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