Four Quick Facts to Remember About Corporate Housing Apartments

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Depending on your employment situation, business trips are just another part of the job. They can often be relaxing getaways or exciting adventures into new cities and parts of the country you have never before traveled to. Of course, there is always the question of where you are going to stay.

Hotels have traditionally been the go-to choice, but they do not fit every traveler’s style. There are a number of other options, like luxury corporate housing apartments, to explore, too, depending on the length of your stay. Here are some reasons to look into the option of corporate housing.

1. More room, more comfort

A regular hotel room can get cramped, even if you are the only person staying in it. Similarly, a suite or an extended-stay room might not provide you with the kind of living space you need for a long period of time. Corporate housing apartments are like townhouses or condos without the commitment. They have the space you crave with all the comforts of your real home, too.

2. All the amenities

Much like living in a condo community, staying in long term corporate housing buildings often grants you access to certain benefits like health clubs and swimming pools. Additionally, most corporate housing apartments will be fully furnished with easy access to washers and dryers. This is all, of course, on top of all the linens, bedding, kitchenware and home appliances you could ever need. Corporate housing apartments have truly thought of everything, so you do not have to.

3. Sticking around for a while

When you land a new job, you bring with you all the skills and knowledge you have picked up in your previous years of experience. However, there are entirely new rules, policies and business practices to learn, too. This training can be long-term, especially if you have a more powerful position in the company, which is why it is sometimes a great idea to opt for furnished corporate housing during your stay. You can likely expect to pay between $50 and $100 per day while staying in corporate housing apartments.

4. Traveling for two

Maybe you are used to spending weeks away from your spouse or other loved ones. But chances are, it probably never gets any easier to say goodbye. Certain corporate housing apartments allow couples to stay together during the period where one has to train or do contract work, whatever your situation might be. This is only temporary housing, remember, but it can often be better than spending it alone.

When it comes to going away on a business trip, ask yourself: Will a hotel really do? If it will not, look into some corporate housing apartments, or ask your employers to look into it for you. Whatever will make you a better worker will likely work for them, too. More like this article.

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  1. My brother jumps all around the country for work. He’s stayed in a few of these corporate condos and said they’re just like a home away from home.

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