How to Clean a Moldy Roof – Family Issues Online

Oss that is growing in your roof is an issue that is serious. This can severely reduce the longevity of your roof. Because moss retains moisture that is retained by the roof, it can keep its shingles wet. The sheeting underneath begins to begin to decay. If the roof of your home is filled with moss then you might consider getting a roof cleaner. This video will demonstrate how to remove moss from an roof.

It is essential to wear a harness before the cleaning begins. The roof will not be at risk of getting hit by the roof or breaking your back by wearing a harness. The next step is to grab a broom and sweep off the roof in order to eliminate all moss that you can. The roof doesn’t need to be cleared of all the moss.

A zinc strip needs to be placed on top of the roof’s top ridge. When rain water hits the strip, the zinc particulates get carried along the roof. The process will remove any moss or mold that may be growing on the roof. In order to remove the remaining moss, you may spray the roof using a mix of water and bleach.


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