How to Maintain Solar Panels – Reference Books Online

A directory of certified contractors is available. Knowing the fundamentals of solar maintenance can help you avoid hiring a contractor.

Turn off power before you start. This will help you avoid any injuries when using the machine.

After that, switch off the circulation pump. Keep this up by turning off the pump’s power.

The supply of cold water is to be switched off. Then, you can safely pull out the thermostat and electronic element of your water supply. Remove the water from the tank, and take it apart to clean it. Check to ensure that both the electric element as well as the thermostat still functioning properly. It is recommended to replace the thermostat as well as the electrical element if they are not working properly.

Next, take off all panels. Make sure the fittings are in their proper align. There are fittings in the upper corners and also on the middle bottom corners.

The video below provides more details about proper maintenance and solar-powered services.


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