How to Prepare for Maternity Photoshoot Sessions – My Maternity Photography

Incredible maternity shoot
Request Accommodations

Your photographer can inquire about any adjustments that they may be able of making to your situation. The result will be gorgeous photos from your maternity photo shoot!

It’s also a good idea to inquire about your photographer before you go if there are any other worries, like mobility issues or if you plan to bring a child along. So that you experience the absolute best that you could have and also get stunning photos!

Get Your Partner Onboard

If you’re planning on having your spouse join you in the photoshoot with your baby, make sure you discuss this with the couple prior to time. Discussing with your partner’s perspective can help the two of you figure out how you want them to take part in the photo shoot. Also, it’s important to have you along with your partner decide how you’d like to appear when you’re taking the final pictures.

If you are planning a photoshoot that is special, it is best to plan your photoshoot the shoot together. If you’re both attracted to being part of the experience, you could plan for things to do and poses like gripping your hands, or even rubbing your stomach. This will make for some truly special shots between you two!

Plan For Transportation

Shoots could be outdoors. If this is the case, it is important to prepare to transport. It is recommended to arrive at least an hour before the time of your photoshoot to get to know the place and to ensure that it runs without a hitch. Plan ahead if you plan to use public transportation or rideshare in order to get there on time.

Plan ahead to ensure your have all you need


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