Jewelry Thief Thwarted by Mechanical Gate – Entertainment News Today

This is a place that is home to numerous people. In the last few days, 13 establishments have been robbed. Thieves got into the windows of these stores and took what they desired. This video shows how at least three culprits were identified then later arrested. He is going to need to get some reliable criminal defense lawyers, to put it mildly.

The film begins by showing a man with what seems to look like a hatchet or hammer of some kind. He is accompanied by a companion with a backpack containing stolen items. The man who was first arrested proceeded to break the window of the jewelry store located in the Bronx using a bull. After that, he goes in and takes jewelry, and then puts it inside the bag the accomplice is holding out for him. This has happened in the open, and there were shoppers within the establishment. The automatic gate was locked over the victims by an individual inside. The quick decision prevented them from being able get more jewelry. Later, the police arrested and charged the thief.


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