Landscaping and How it Can Improve Not Only Your Property, but the Environment as Well!

Landscaping pittsburgh

How is your landscape design at home? Does it need a little sprucing up? Ha, get it? Spruce? Like the tree? … Right, anyway, there are many different landscape Pittsburgh designs that you can choose from in order to make your space unique, versatile, and really fit you.

For example, a retaining wall Pittsburgh might be an interesting addition to your landscaping. A retaining wall is a wall that is up against the side of the sheer edge of landscaping. Not only does it help to solve many problems, such as falling landscape, but it also can offer a unique area to plant in.

Your backyard is very important to your lifestyle, so your landscape Pittsburgh PA should really reflect your tastes. Incorporate ample seating, cushions covered in a weather resistant outdoor fabric, eating spots, sunning areas, outdoor tables, and play areas! The backyard is like adding a whole new room to your house!

And, if you are looking for extra square footage, perhaps you are trying to sell your house? Did you know that Pittsburgh landscaping can add up to 14 percent resale value to a building, and it can speed up the sale of a property by up to 6 weeks! Adding landscaping can definitely make a difference on the housing market. In fact, almost all real estate appraisers claim that the sales appeal of any residential real estate property was enhanced by pleasing landscaping.

Landscape design can also help to improve the environment! Plants that you add in landscaping, and this includes shrubbery and turf, help to remove dust, smoke, and many other pollutants from the air. So really, it’s a win win situation if you add landscape design to your property. Learn more at this link:

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