Teaching Your Kids Rules of Safety in the Kitchen – Balanced Living Magazine


ung children. Children want to participate as well as ‘help’ mommy or dadmy and become helpers. Even older kids who have more experience and are focused can easily get injured within the kitchen. Every family needs to have guidelines for safety in the kitchen, and should review them regularly in a group.

Children learn through example and will want to mimic how others in their surroundings do. This means learning how to be helpful while being protected in the kitchen following the examples they are taught the safest kitchen techniques. Younger children than 5 years young are not allowed to undertake dangerous activities like cleaning up the trash disposal or using a drain and sink cleaner. Yet, most children especially young ones can learn a basis to keep them and their families members safe in the kitchen. It will make eating time easier and less stressful for everyone.

Make sure you review the safety regulations at the table, and be sure that everyone follows them.


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