The Art of Refinishing Cupboards Like a Cabinet Painter – Art Magazines Online

You will require the help of a cabinet painter in order to finish the task correctly.

Here are some recommendations for cabinet refinishing that a painter for cabinets would instruct you for achieving this professional-grade finish.

1. Always ensure the safety of your Countertops

Refinishing cabinets is an option to transform a house into something more modern. Your countertops should be secured or even your floors with rosewood papers. You can use the newspaper so long as it’s well secured.

2. Take out the Hardware, Cabinet Doors and drawers

Cabinet painting will give the cabinets a professional clean appearance. It is done by taking out your drawers and tools.

3. Please label your doors

As you learn how the art of painting cabinetry, it is an excellent idea to draw or sketch all the doors and drawers. Label them with numbers and quickly place them back in their appropriate location.

4. Take off Grease

The preparation for painting your kitchen cabinets is a important process. The most costly paint will not adhere to greased cabinets. There are dishwashing soaps that you can utilize, but a grease remover can be more beneficial.

5. Find a Primer for Fast-Dying

If you’re trying to accelerate the process pick a primer with an extremely fast drying time. Make use of an enamel primer underneath body primer if you want to make it easier to complete the priming process.


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