The Fundamentals of Knife Sharpening With a Japanese Master Sharpener – Free Cooking Videos

If you cook, you already know the value of a proper knife when preparing the food. Although your culinary abilities aren’t the best you can make sure that the knife you are using is sharp. Slipping when using a dull knife can pose a significant risk to your safety. It’s the reason even informal home cooks should not be slipping in the maintenance of knives. Take a look at this video for some key knife sharpening techniques by the Japanese master.

Water stone (also known as the whetstone) is a tool you can use for sharpening knives. Japanese chefs have utilized this technique for years and it’s been used by chefs all over the world. Stones can be used to scrape any metal out of the blade and create an even sharper edge. Different methods for sharpening your steel do not change the appearance of the blade, but they are more permanent. Place your knife’s edge onto the stone until its length is half the distance it is from the surface. Apply a little pressure to the edge of the blade with your fingers. To sharpen the blade move it in a slow, steady motion towards your body. ne5npczpwm.

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