Understanding the Issues with Bail – Phoenix Estate Planning and Probate

ife. The ability to issue bail has been a part of the past of the United States for quite some time, that does not mean that it is not subject to problems that hurt the American population.

The number of convictions for criminal offenses is about equal from 2000. However, the population of jails is growing drastically. It is due partially to the enormous price of bail. Jonathan Lippman (the Chief Judge of New York) stated that certain people are unable to pay bail amount of 500 dollars and end up “rotting” inside the prison system.

When formed, the penal system did not apply fines or bails of high value in the event of conviction of a crime. This was based on an assumption that innocence is believed to be the case until the moment of conviction. In the present, the system does not work with similar beliefs. Communities with lower incomes suffer the most from this change, as their lack of confidence in this belief is often the cause of extreme physical and mental harm.

For more information about the bail issues, look over the accompanying video.


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